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Jeep Tour Vashlovani

Vashlovani Protected Areas.

Tour duration: 1 day

Route length: 450 km.

Transport: Nissan Pathfinder R51 4WD, unlimited WiFi on board

Route: Tbilisi - Dedoplistskaro - protected areas of Vashlovani - Tbilisi.

Tbilisi serves as the capital of Georgia and is one of the municipalities located in the eastern part of the country. It boasts a remarkable and diverse culture. Within the city of Tbilisi, you can discover settlements from the Bronze Age, medieval temples, fortresses, and museums representing various eras. Additionally, you will encounter exquisite stained glass and intricately carved Italian-style courtyards. Moreover, you can indulge in awe-inspiring vistas of the cityscape, mountains, lakes, and waterfalls. Tbilisi seamlessly blends the charm of its old town with narrow streets and the vibrancy of its modern city life. The Georgian fashion designers, musicians, and artists are truly exceptional, with their unique and unparalleled talents deserving special recognition. Key attractions include Mtatsminda Park, Old Tbilisi, Tbilisi Botanical Garden, Kote Abkhazi (Leselidze) Street, Abanotubani, Shardeni Street, Rike Park, the Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi, the Monument of Temka - "The Chronicle of Georgia," Lisi Lake, Turtle Lake, Leghvtakhevi Waterfall, Chili Lake, Gldani Lake, Tbilisi Sea, Asuretiskhevi Gorge, Tbilisi National Park, Tbilisi Dendrological Park, Anchiskhati, Kashveti Church, Sioni, Narikala Fortress, Metekhi, Betania, Kojori Fortress, Queen Darejan's Palace (Sachino), the Tbilisi Ethnographic Museum, Lurji Monastery, Tbilisi Balneological Resort, Tskneti, Tbilisoba festival, Tbilisi Open Air (the largest music festival in the Caucasus region), and the Art-Gene festival.

Dedoplistskaro is the administrative center of the municipality of Dedoplistskaro in the Kakheti region. The area has a unique landscape and is characterized with flora and fauna diversity. In addition to the beauty of nature, there are monuments of different periods in Dedoplis Tskaro - from ancient to medieval times. There are a lot of beautiful rivers in the region: Alazani, Iori, Velijvari, Lekistskali, Uzundaraskhevi, Kushiskhevi, Ghoristskliskhevi, Kumuriskhevi, Pantishariaskhevi and others. There are some lakes as well. Patara lake and Kochebi lake are worth to mention.The main attractions of the municipality: Khornabuji, Elia Monastery, Ozaani church, Machkhaani Archangels church, Mirzaani "Alaverdi" church, Vashlovani National Park, Tchachuna Managed Reserve, Dali Reservoir, Artsivi gorge, Nazarlebi, Karsistskali, Didi Shiraki valley, Eldari lowland, Alazani lowland, local history museum Dedoplis-Tskaro, Sighnaghi.

Vashlovani is a special place in Georgia. It is distinguished by its nature, which is reminiscent of American films about the Wild West - you will not find such a landscape anywhere else in Georgia. The road will be quite difficult and exciting. The protected areas of Vashlovani are located in the extreme eastern part of the Dedoflistskaro district. It includes the Vashlovani nature reserve, the national park and 3 natural monuments - the Eagle Gorge, the Takhti-Tepa mud volcanoes and the Kaklizure Alazani floodplain forest. The reserve also includes Pantishara-Vashlovani - an array, the height of which is 300-600 meters above sea level. The total area of ​​the reserve is 35053.7 hectares. The modern appearance of the protected areas of the dry gorges of Vashlovani was formed 1-2 million years ago, in the Neozoic era. An analysis of geological layers showed that in different periods Vashlovani was the seabed. Main attractions: Eagle Gorge, Kakliskure, Takhti-Tepa Mud Volcanoes, Kilakupra Mud Volcano, Eliya Monastery, Dali Reservoir, Khornabuji Fortress City, Natlistskali Valley, Usakhelo, Midzhniskure, Black Mountain, Imeda Valley, Migenchauri Reservoir, Kavkasioni Ridge, Kakliskure ( Kaklis Kure), Artsivis Cheoba, Temple of Tezbiteli, Mount St. Elijah, Tariban Valley, Kotsakhuri Ridge, Kochebi Lake, Shirak Valley, Khornabuji Fortress, Vashlovani Basin, Pantishara Valley, Nagomrebi Ridge, Mertskhlebis Kalaki (City of Swallows), Alesilebi panorama, Datvis Khevi (bear valley).

The tour includes:

  • Nissan Pathfinder R51 4WD, unlimited WiFi on board
  • Fuel.
  • Picnic (meat on fire, traditional Georgian cheese, khachapuri, drinks).
  • Entrance fees to the territory of the protected reserve.
  • Accompanying guide.

Necessary requirement: passport / ID.

* The price of a tour is 75 € per person.

* Minimum group capacity - 4 persons.

* In case if you have a different request for the number of seats in a group, feel free to contact us.

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