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Jeep Tour Batumi - Gomismta

Tour duration: 10-12 hours.

Route length: 200 km.

Transport: Nissan Pathfinder R51 4WD, unlimited WiFi on board

Route: Batumi - Ozurgeti - Shemokmedi village - Gomismta - Komli - Batumi.

Batumi is the capital of the Autonomus Republic of Ajaria and the second Langest city of Georgia. Batumi is located on the coast of the Black Sea and it is a subtropical zone at the foot of the Caucasus. Main attractions of Batumi are: Seaside Park, Adzharian Museum of Archeology, Gonio Fortress, Botanical Garden, Ali and Nino, Alphabetic Tower, Shekvetili Dendrological Park, Batumi Archaeological Museum, Khariton Akhvlediani Adjara State Museum, Nobel Brothers Batumi Technological Museum, State Art Museum of Adjara, Batumi Fish Market.

Ozurgeti is the capital of the Guria region and a part of Ozurgeti municipality. The human life traces here start from ancient times. Workshops and settlements of the Bronze Age were discovered in this area. Ozurgeti is first mentioned in the XVI century in historical sources and it was the residence of the Guria princes and an important trading city in the late feudal period as well. Main attractions are: Shemokmedi Monastery, Archangel Church of Likhauri, Shukhuti Settlement, Atchi Church, Jumati Church, Askani Fortress, Ureki, Shekvetili.

Shemokmedi is a village in the Ozurgeti Municipality in Guria region. It is located on the Bzhuzhi river, at elevation of 190 m above sea level. Main attractions is: Shemokmedi Monastery which consists of The Church of the Redeemer, The Church of the Transfiguration of Zarzma and a bell tower.

Gomismta is a summer mountain resort in Guria. It is 2100-2755 meters from the sea level and this is a place where sea and mountain weather merges together. Main attractions: Lake Chinchao (a lake of crater origin, located at an altitude of 2500 meters above sea level and 11 km from the Gomismta resort), “Gomismtoba” (the fest, which is held in August).

Komli is a family hotel-house in the village of Tsitelmta.


We leave Batumi for the city of Ozurgeti in the Guria region.

First, we will visit the Komli family hotel, where you will have the opportunity to collect and prepare tea with your own hands. The hostess of the hotel will tell the history of the tea culture of Guria and treat you with local tea and sweets.

Then we will go to the center of Shemokmedi village, where we will visit the monastery complex. The monastery consists of two churches and a bell tower built in the sixteenth century.

After that, we will go to the mountains to visit the main points of the tour - Gomismta resort and Chinchao lake.

Gomismta resort is located at an altitude of 2100-2755 meters above sea level. The setting sun in a sea of ​​clouds or the rising sun in the mists create a spectacle that must be seen with your own eyes.

It takes 30 minutes to get to Chinchao Lake from Gomismta Resort. The lake is of crater origin, small but very beautiful. Having reached the location, we will have a picnic and enjoy the local beauties.

After visiting the lake, we return to Batumi.

The tour includes:

  • Nissan Pathfinder R51 4WD, unlimited WiFi on board
  • Fuel.
  • Picnic (meat on fire, traditional Georgian cheese, khachapuri, drinks).

Additional Information:

Take warm clothes, sweamwear and towels with you.

* The price of a tour is 75 € per person.

* Minimum group capacity - 4 persons.

* In case if you have a different request for the number of seats in a group, feel free to contact us.

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